Client Testimonials

Kristi did a fantastic job on my listing transaction. Our transaction turned out to be tricky due to complications with the lender yet Kristi stayed calm and collected throughout the process and made sure she was communicating with the lender, buyer's agent, and title company several times a day to ensure we got to the closing table. Having Kristi as part of my team gave me security and peace knowing she had the process handled. And since she is also a licensed REALTOR®, she is a wealth of knowledge and is my strongest business asset. I will continue to utilize her interpersonal and organizational talents on all of my deals. I highly recommend using her as your transaction coordinator!

Tammy Sue Harris

I've been in business for 4 years now, and up to this point, I've been a complete individual agent doing all the things an agent must do to make their business grow...and it has. But the old axiom became true for me when they say that you can only grow so much on your own. As Gary Keller always preaches, "One has to leverage themselves to grow", and that's where Kristi has really come in for me. There is a true peace of mind knowing she has the entire transaction process handled. If I wanted, I could just hand her an executed contract and not touch the file again until I pick up my commission check...she's that good.

I resisted hiring a transaction coordinator for so long, and I was foolish for doing so. I've found I have much more time to spend with my family and my clients, and that has proven to do wonders for my psyche. And here's the good as I felt I was at the transaction coordination, Kristi is even better! At every closing, the title escrow officer and my client raves about her, and that makes me feel so good knowing she is an extension of my team. It adds legitimacy to what I'm doing in my client's eyes as well because she brings so much value to what she does for me and my clients. She's so structured, yet she has a fantastic ability to keep things personal with the client and relay/obtain info the way I (and my client) like it. And she always keeps me up to date on my files too.

Overall, Kristi is going to help me grow my business to the next level, and she is the hire I had always looked for...even though I never knew it.

Donald Thomson

Kristi by far is the best transaction coordinator I have ever worked with. I sell approximately 50 + homes a year. She is able to keep up with the volume easily. She keeps my files so on point that I never worry about them once they are turned over to her (and I am a control freak). My clients love her great communication and her extreme patience. She always gets my CDA done and I am paid from the table with no hassles. I consider Kristi an invaluable member of my team and recommend agents wanting to produce bigger numbers to definitely hire her.

Renae Gibson

Legacy Transactions has been instrumental in the growth of our team! Kristi is AMAZING when it comes to taking care of our transactions. My clients enjoyed working with her and knew every step of the way what was happening. I am beyond satisfied with her work and recommend her to anyone who needs some leverage in their business!

Phillip Gazca

I had been hesitant to add the expense of a transaction coordinator, but after working with Kristi at Legacy Transactions, I have completely turned around my thinking. Using her service has freed up hours of my time, but more importantly the level of service, attention to detail and professionalism she brings to the table from her background adds a whole new level of service to my clients. Just try her once and you won't know how you lived without her!

Kathryn Stakes